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Dynamite Roll

Price Maki $13 / Hand $9

One of the most popular rolls at Sapporo. Shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, flying fish roe and mayo.

Salmon Sashimi Appetizer

Price $19

9 good pieces of fresh salmon sashimi on a bed of julienned daikon radish. FYI, the radish is edible and helps you digest the raw fish.

Wakame Salad

Price $10

Various kinds of seaweed marinated in sweet tangy soy sauce (ponzu).

Rose Roll

Price $18

If you like the taste of tuna, you will enjoy this combination of red tuna, spicy tuna and shrimp tempura.

Beef Bulgogi Dinner

Price $23

This is an authentic family recipe that has been handed down for two generations. Sweet soy sauce marinated rib eye slices cooked with vegetable and served with rice, miso soup and salad.

Kid's Sushi Set

Price $11

It is surprising to see so many 12-year-old and younger children enjoy sushi these days. Four (wasabi free) salmon sushi and eight kid's size avocado cucumber rolls with apple slices and 1/2 veggie croquettes. A cup of miso soup and a pack of apple or orange juice can be included upon request.

Love Platter

Price $65

Sapporo Sushi Ottawa = Love Platter, an all time favourite. A platter of sushi, sashimi and rolls is served with a basket of tempura and a choice between Udon and Fish Katsu for two guests. Dine-in only.


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We only deliver within Ottawa
(not available in Quebec)

Sapporo Sushi Ottawa is offering
FREE DELIVERY for the customers
residing within the 10km from the restaurant.

Minimum order remains at $40 before tax.

$4 delivery charge is applied to orders for more than 10km,
$8 for more than 15km.